Secure, efficient and completely integrated

We are creating the perfect bug tracker for agile software development. Amazingly fast, incredibly easy and 100% native.

No browsers, no third-party plugins, no online data and no endless forms. Only a completely integrated software development experience.

Are you ready for the future?

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asitrack Bug Tracker

Designed for Integrated Development Environments

We love usability. And nothing is better than having everything you need in one place.
asitrack is not currently integrated in your favorite IDE. But we have been planning for it from the start.
And every new version brings you one step closer to a completely unified software development experience.

Built-in Subversion Integration

Track commits for every issue and see file diffs using your native Subversion tools.
Directly from your bug tracker and working out of the box.

asitrack Bug Tracker Subversion Integrations

Easy Bug Tracker

asitrack is painstakingly designed for the best possible user experience. Every small detail is perfected to insanity to make bug tracking as easy and intuitive as possible.

asitrack Bug Tracker

In-place Issue Editing

We know you don’t like waiting and wasting time. So in asitrack you can modify issues in-place. Click the edit link and update anything or everything. No page loads, no new tabs and more importantly no frustration. Only instant satisfaction.

asitrack Bug Tracker

Centralized Notifications

Information is power. And we want you to be as powerful as possible. Instead of making you search through emails, we are moving you directly to the source. Through the notifications center you always stay in control.
If anything happens in your system, you will know about it.

asitrack Bug Tracker

Built-in Activity Reports

asitrack is constantly becoming more intelligent and more aware. It already knows how to keep track of everything that interests you. And like a great assistant, asitrack always spits out already processed reports and charts.
You can easily stay on top of things with just a glance.

asitrack Bug Tracker

Search results are shown instantly. And they are refined with each character you type. No loading times and no waiting.
Stay in the loop through real-time notifications about everything. If anything happens in your bug tracker, you will know about it.
Everybody gets custom user interfaces. Project Managers, Developers and Testers always have a personalized experience focused on efficiency.
You can now harness the full processing power of your machines. asitrack is an 100% native bug tracker that seamlessly integrates with your OS.
Get access to built-in reports about your past activity. Study your history and learn how to balance your work to increase productivity.
Use any characters from any language in your bug tracker. Unicode works out of the box and across all supported platforms.

With asitrack we are not trying to revolutionize or reinvent anything. We are simply creating the best bug tracker for agile software development.
And the result so far is amazing. If you are still not convinced, just give it a try.