asitrack development has ceased and the project will shut down on May 26th, 2018.

We are a small team of highly technical professionals who dream about changing the world.

Together we have huge amounts of experience in software creation and distribution processes. We worked with software for enterprises, consumer, embedded and even complex cloud solutions. We tackled everything from creating simple apps to distributing immense solutions to millions of machines at once. We were advisers, developers and engineers. And now we are creating the best bug tracker for software development.

To us each tool serves a very specific purpose. And software development needs highly specialized tools. Command lines, special configurations and all those types of hard work are for enthusiasts. We want clear-cut solutions. Simple, clean and efficient. Just because something is complex doesn’t mean it has to be.

We often do things differently. Weird decisions, strange designs and interesting approaches. But it all serves a higher purpose. And you see it only when using our solutions. New ideas are always strange at first. But once you get used to them, you often think back and wonder how you lived without them.

For us change is mandatory. It drives our progress and allows us to evolve. We adapt and improve and we love every moment of it. We take time to build a solid base. And then we build on it, constantly refining everything until its perfect. With us you don’t get a lifeless static solution. Ours lives and breathes and spits fire when it’s angry.

So if you want to be part of all of this, buckle up. You are in for one hell of a ride.