asitrack development has ceased and the project will shut down on May 26th, 2018.

Your privacy is extremely important to us. This is why asitrack can function completely offline. You can use it in any closed and secured environment without needing to connect to the Internet or our servers.

No personal information collection during use

asitrack does not collect any personal information while being used by you or your company. It can function completely offline and it does not send any personal information through the internet.

asitrack performs only two types of network communication:

  • Between the client software and your issue tracking servers. It occurs only inside your closed network and it does not access the outside world.
  • Queries to our servers about available software updates. It occurs only when an Internet connection is available and it does not restrict the normal function of any asitrack software.

No unsolicited newsletters, offers or promotional emails

We do not send you unsolicited emails with information that does not interest you. We offer a professional relationship based on trust. asitrack was created to help you. Any information we do provide to you is always pertinent and valuable.

Collection of personal information when making a purchase

For security reasons we are forced to store your purchase information on our servers. This includes the personal information you provided when making a purchase and details about the product you purchased.

We will not use this information to send you unsolicited offers or newsletters. However, we will decide on a case by case basis to contact you or send you emails regarding the following:

  • Important issues or information related to your purchase or license.
  • New version releases for asitrack software.
  • Major discounts or time limited reduced prices for asitrack software.
  • Other issues equally or more important than the above examples.

Protection of personal information

Any personal or non-personal information available to asitrack is always protected and kept safe. No personal information is shared with third parties, excluding the purchase information managed securely and professionally by our payment processor. asitrack uses all information to only offer you a better issue tracking experience.

asitrack values your privacy and we will do everything we can to protect it.

Cookies and other technologies

The asitrack website and emails may use cookies and other technologies for visitor tracking and analytics. These are standard for all commercial websites and they help us to better understand user behavior, which parts of our website are being visited and to facilitate and measure the effectiveness of web searches.

We treat the information collected by cookies and other technologies as non-personal information.