asitrack development has ceased and the project will shut down on May 26th, 2018.

Native bug tracker

Faster, easier and completely integrated. Focused on minimalism and efficiency and built on decades of project management evolution.

asitrack is changing the game. Better, stronger and with direct access to raw power. Because we want performance, quality and durability.

The future doesn’t come by itself. We are the ones who create it. Do you want to help?

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asitrack Bug Tracker

Built for IDEs

If you prefer an IDE over command lines, you will love asitrack. It does everything for you so you can concentrate on actual work.
This is why it’s called assisted issue tracking.

Built-in Subversion Integration

Track your issue commits and see file diffs using the actual Subversion tools. Just like you do when coding.
No plugins, no additional installs and definitely no pain. We do the work so you don’t have to.

asitrack Bug Tracker Subversion Integrations

Easy Bug Tracker

The bug tracker is so awesome, I don’t even know where to start.
No page reloading, full structure, drag and drop, built-in filters, instant search results, amazing details pane.
All simple, clean and always to the point.

asitrack Bug Tracker

Centralized Notifications

Because we hate constantly switching between the bug tracker and email client. Nothing else to say. We just like being spoiled.

asitrack Bug Tracker

Built-in Activity Reports

Who has time to configure custom reports and charts just to see how the team is doing. Pretty much nobody. So we do it for you. Isn’t that awesome?

asitrack Bug Tracker

Become part of the team

Be an early supporter and enjoy our awesome beta phase perks. Influence the development roadmap to fit your needs.

Just type something and the results are instantly there. It still blows our minds when we think about it.
Because different people like different things. Testers like testing, developers like coding and managers like looking at charts and reports.
We made it extra fast because we love instant satisfaction. Just hold on to your hats because this baby can fly.
Behold the power of extra long integers.
Try not to be shocked and amazed.
We love everybody. So no matter what language you use, asitrack will work flawlessly.
We hate the Linux way. Our install is clean and simple. Everything is ready in under 60 seconds.

With asitrack we are changing the game. We are packing all the power you need into a clean and simple interface.
If you like what we have so far and you see the amazing potential, grab a license now and support further development.